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27 dresses


Height: 5"2    

Voice: Mezzo-Soprano

Location: New York



The Situation Room            |   Principal  |   NYU

Mirrors                                |   Principal  |   NYU

The Baker                           |   Principal   |   NYU

Sight & Sound                    |   Principal   |   NYU


King Lear                            |   King Lear          |  Globe Theatre, London

The Comedy of Errors        |   Adriana             |  South Dakota Shakespeare Fest.

The Taming of the Shrew   |   Baptista             |  South Dakota Shakespeare Fest.

Fiction                                |   Linda                 |  Off-Off Broadway

The Duchess of Malfi         |   Doctor                |  Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

The Special                        |   Mermaid             |  RCS UK Tour


A Million Hearts in Stereo  |   Bobbi                 |  On the Verge Festival, Glasgow

Grace Period                      |   Sandra                |  Strawberry Festival, NYC

The Cupcake Diet              |   Goddess              |  Strawberry Festival, NYC

One in a Half Act Plays      |   Director               |  Abingdon Theatre, NYC

The Dying Gaul                  |   Psychiatrist ​         |  Western Washington Univ., WA

Romeo and Juliet               |   Nurse                 |  Stadium Theatre, WA

You Can’t Take It With You |   Gay Wellington  |  Stadium Theatre, WA

Measure for Measure          |  Kate Keepdown   |  Royal Conservatoire of Scotland


*Credits available upon request*

 Training & Workshops 

MFA: Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (Glasgow)
The Globe Theatre (London)
American Musical and Dramatic Academy (New York)

 Special Skills 

B.A. International Business Management, French minor (conversational)
Valid Passport and Drivers License
Music: Sight singing, Piano (4), Flute (5), Piccolo (2), Ukulele (1)
Dialects: Southern, RP, Standard British, Cockney, Mid-Western, Jersey/Long Island, Irish
Dance: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip hop, Theatre dance
Sports: Baseball, Soccer, Archery, Darts, Volleyball, Rollerblading, Swimming, Intro

Western Horseback Riding and Kickboxing

 Download Full Resume 

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