Awards and Nominations

2015  Nominated:  Best Actress- NYIT Off-Off Broadway Awards
2014  Nominated:  Best Actress- Broadway World Regional South Dakota Shakespeare Festival
2010  Nominated:  Best Actress- Strawberry One-Act Festival
2001  Winner: Miss Washington Congeniality Job's Daughters
2001  Winner: Monologue World Champion (Job's Daughters International)


I Am. (Edinburgh Fringe)

"a short but sweet slice of imaginative magical realism...."

"some seriously creative methods at play here."

"It's a visually stimulating play with absolute devotion to the absurd."

"...It's difficult not to admire the world that Gould has created."

                                     -Fest Magazine

"An absorbing portrayal of a woman's ongoing battle against her inner demons, I Am's dreamlike musical score is complimented by a sensuously lyrical script...touching and expressively realised fable." ****


"I Am is a charming story of youth and still having all of those dreams ahead of you" ****
                                    -Southside Advertiser

FICTION by Steven Dietz (Off-Off Broadway, Play.Sing.Give.)

"From the outset, Michael (Levi Morger) and Linda (Stacy Lynn Gould) bicker like an old married couple and remind the audience that there’s no greater bond than a shared hatred...Linda’s [Gould] piercing facial expressions and [Morger] Michael’s often discomfort leave the viewer confused on which character they feel the most sympathy for...Morger and Gould's on-stage chemistry is so strong the need for additional characters to complete their story isn't necessary."
                                               - Courtney Michelle,

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